Thursday, 22 September 2011

Reasons to be cheerful

This week Reasons to be Cheerful is being guest hosted by Mum of All Trades - thank you veyr much!

This will be a short post from me this week as I am run off my feet with things to do but didn't want to miss it.

I am cheerful this week as
  1. Work has picked up again and I am feeling slightly inundated with people asking me to do things but the more the better as it means more money for us!
  2. Our new doors have arrived so next week once I am back from my conference, they are being fitted and we should be very warm and toasty for the winter months. That means in the space of a year we will have managed to do the windows, doors, electrics and the flooring, along with the wood burner, decorating downstairs and a new bathroom which I think is a huge achievement.
  3. Dog seems to have settled well and been well and truely accepted. It was a huge risk taking Dog on due to Little Man's phobia but thankfully it has worked in our favour and he has taken very well and much quicker than we ever imagined to moving off the dining room table|! See here for full post on this.
  4. I have started taking 30 minutes out every other day to go and do a quick run, time for me, time to feel better about myself and I am beginning to find running is not quite as evil as I felt it was at school and it is actually becoming slightly more enjoyable!
  5. Tomorrow I go off to Sweden for 5 days (I hate going as I miss the boys so much - they don;t care as they get to have a 'boys night' every night which generally means hot dogs or pizza for tea or tea at Grannie's so it is just one big treat when I am away and they love it). My resons to be cheerful about this is I have never been to Sweden and as my flight lands Friday lunchtime, and my first session is not until 7.30pm it means I get the whole afternoon to eplore Stockholm, so I am really looking forward to that.
if you fancy taking part, then please pop over to Mum of All Trades and add your post.


1978rebecca said...

Sounds like a busy week there. Would love to visit Stockholm - amazing to have that time to yourself as well. Hope you have a great time. Is it for work?
I never thought I'd like running either - I hated cross country at school. Sometimes it's worth trying things again.

Mother Badger said...

That's a huge amount to achieve in your house in just a year! We've been in ours almost five years and we're still unpacking...

Sadie Quinton said...

Good luck with your conference and you have given me a great idea, dedicating 30 minutes to yourself to do something that you like, well it wont be running for me, but something I don't normally do, well gieve it a think, hope you have a good week, Sadie x

Glenda Gee said...

Hope you enjoy Sweden. I know running makes you feel better. It is exhilarating and really makes you feel good. Also you have a chieve a great deal in the house now and glad you will enjoy the company of dog.

muminashoe said...

You have lots of great reasons. Its great to get stuff done around the house it seems never ending sometimes! Thanks so much for linkinh up, I really enjoyed hosting this week.

Natasha said...

Lots of lovely reasons :)
I like the having you time idea, I post my "time for mummy" on Saturdays to make sure I get some every week :)

Deb at Aspieinthefamily said...

Some great reasons to be cheerful. Hope your trip to Sweden goes well.

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Ohh you are in Sweden now, hope it is all going well and big well done on the running. Mich x