Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Memory issues

I was nominated for the Versatile blogger award and did a post about this and at the beginning of it I commented that my memory these days is beyond shocking. Now I cant make the same joke twice and put something like 'so where was I then?' here but seriously I am now thinking I need to sort my memory out properly.

I know it is shocking and I am very reliant on my phone, everything goes in my diary so it beeps at me; which days to remember school gym kits, swimming kits, homework days, calls I need to make, to pop to the shops to get certain things, when to post cards, everything, without that I get nothing done as I don't think about doing it until I get into bed on a night.

Today though I have topped my memory loss problems. I text my friend to say Happy Birthday and her reply read

S: Thanks for the birthday message, currently on my way into London to the theatre, also thanks for the birthday card (both of them).
Me: Oh crap, did I send you 2 cards, when did the first one arrive?
S: 2 days ago and yesterday.
Me: That's seriously embarrassing, perhaps I should come clean, I am really 71 years old and have worn well, so can pass myself off as 37.

How bad is that? I have no recollection of actually sending the first one. So on that note I am climbing the stairs to bed and going to make a huge effort to get some decent nights sleep regularly x


BNM said...

And hers arrived on time!



Lizbethcole29 said...

HAHA!!! Wait, what was I laughing at again?!? Just kidding!