Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge I is for ....

I is for Injections

As I mentioned yesterday in H Little Man is not a big fan of hospitals nor is he a fan of injections - not that he's thankfully had many.

All children on the autistic spectrum can react to certain things in an intense way. Other than needing the venflons being inserted for his operations, the only other injections Little Man has ever had are his boosters as a baby which he took like any normal baby, so I was not expecting him to be a problem when 2 years ago I took Mini Man for his flu jab which he has to have due to a heart condition.

Little Man was happily playing on the floor of the nurses room by the bed, Mini Man was on my knee, Nurse distracted Mini Man and went for it, Mini Man howled, Little Man glanced up, took one look at the needle and shot right under the bed, into the far corner, crying and shouting 'make it stop, she's hurting him, get her away from him'.

There I was trying to calm one child down who had had the injection while crawling on my knees undera medical bed trying to cox the other one out which took about 15 minutes. All the while the nurse looked on totally bemused, didn't offer any help and seemed clueless as to what to do.

It amazes me the number of 'healthcare professionals' who don't have a clue how to react round a child with any form of autism (I don't think my amusement at how ridiculous I probably looked helped either but the choice was laugh or join them crying so I opted for the laugh.

Note to self that day Do not take Little Man to unnecessary appointments at all costs!

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Emmly Jane said...

I can't believe she didn't offer to at least help with mini-man while you were unable the table. And poor little man thinking you were being mean to the baby!