Friday, 5 April 2013

Listography 5 that are better than One Direction

I am really excited to discover Kate's listography is still going! I use to participate regularly and loved the different mix of subjects and things to think about, often leading to an afternoon of pure reminiscing.

 My blogging mojo went AWOL recently, leaving home and hiding under a distant bush so I have been away from here for a while, but now the prodigal blogging has returned I am jumping back in with both feet.

This list has been prompted by Kate's 6 year old declaring David Bowie was better than One Direction, while her 8 year old nearly passed out in horror. What have our kids got to look forward to that is better than One Direction?

  1. Traveling / backpacking - one of the best things i have ever done. Leaving University half way through my second year due to illness was a huge decision but after a few months back home and getting back to full health, I needed more, so I did what any normal 19 year old would do, jumped on a train without telling anyone, visited an organisation in Manchester, and there And then booked a trip to a kibbutz in Israel leaving 10 days later. I planned to go for 6 weeks, 6 months later I returned a different person having lived and worked the land, driven tractors, tended bananas & avocado, plucked chickens, termed across the Negev desert on camels with the Bedouins, floated on the Dead Sea, swam in the Red Sea, slept on beaches, climbed Masada to see sunrise and floated down the Nile for 3 weeks on £100 taking in the pyramids, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, etc. I returned and transferred university and had the time of my life, fitting in much more travelling.
  2. Falling in love - need I say more
  3. First concert - just the thrill of it, the excitement. My first concert was to Dublin to see U2 on their Zooropa tour!
  4. Watching your child sleep - even now 9 and 6 years on the thrill and joy I get from standing watching them sleep, the innocence on their faces, mouths slightly parted, cheeks all rosy, and those sleepy cuddles.
  5. Leaving home - either to your own place, halls of residence, buying your first place and that feeling of reaching the goal of independence, adulthood, the pride you feel.
When I read Kate's prompt I thought this would be easy, but infact it was really difficult - can you add any, if you can pop over to Kate's blog and add your link x 


Kate Takes 5 said...

How lovely to have you back! Number one is an absolute definite - best thing EVER. And I was at that Zooropa gig too!

anna tims said...

Number 1 has given me itchy feet but am tethered by the nightly obligation of Number 4!

sonya said...

Yes, great list! Number 3 is a fab one, in fact they are all fab!

Anne @ Domesblissity said...

Great minds alright. Wow, I love your story about leaving Uni and going to Israel. What an adventure. Anne xx

melissa wise said...

Love your list! I always wish I had been brave enough to go backpacking! Totally agree with watching your child sleep, they always look so cute!