Thursday, 25 April 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge - R is for

R is for Running

I think last year, I may have don R is for running as well, but I am seriously addicted to it now!

18 months ago, I was not capable of running to the end of our street (about 200 yards) - seriously. It wasn't a lack of fitness really as I could easily jump in a pool and swim 50 lengths or walk over 10 miles, it was simply an inability to run.

Anyone else had/have that problem? I use to dread those horrid miserable, drizzly school days where they didn't know what to do with you at PE time so would send you on the dreaded cross country death run.

Where I live my senior school is on the side of a massive park and you've guessed it, we use to have to run round that park. I never made 1 side, let alone all 4 (in total about 1.5 miles) and that inability to run has stayed with me.

18 months ago I was challenged to a half marathon and being one to never turn my back on a challenge - I decided to overcome my running phobia.

I got decent trainers and set off under the cover of darkness with only the dog and music for company.

Initially that first 200 yards was hard enough but then I started setting myself new lamp post goals - 1 lamp-post further each run and then I suddenly seemed to break a barrier and I was off.

To be perfectly honest, the mad hound trying to charge ahead of me who is completely untrainable on a lead possible pulls me along rather than me 'running' but it all adds to my distance!

This time last year - I entered my first race, I don't do things by half so did a half marathon which was an amazing experience and I stunned myself in completing it in 2.35 hours - i don't think I have ever been more proud of myself.

Yesterday I got an email through to say I have been awarded a place through St Gemma's Hospice in Leeds who cared so lovingly for my Uncle and his family last week for - wait for this only The Great North Run!

I am both excited and scared witless about this! But bring it on!

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Sarah Mac said...

That's so great RP - what a fantastic thing to be able to do. I can't run since smashing my kneecap but I used to love to in my 20's. I went to school on the edge of Dartmoor and our cross country runs were across the moor, my friend and I used to sneak off to her sisters house for a cup of tea and catch everyone on the return trip ;)

Best of luck with The Great North Run - you'll be fine x