Monday, 15 April 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge L is for....

L is for Lego

Lego, we have Lego everywhere in this house, no matter where you look you will find Lego, and I mean everywhere, it even managed to get into a cake that Little Man made for the Great British Bake Off in school for Red Nose day, luckily Mini Man's teacher bought the whole cake and it was her son who found himself crunching on it and not a poor 2 year old who could have choked on it!

Lego is Little Man's current obsession. He has a box in his bed with 1000's of bits of special Lego in which no-one can touch. We have worked out he saves his money and buys the really expensive models just for the figures, or trinkets that comes with them.

We even know the history of Lego off by heart, having had to read it to him many times, infact I think I know more facts about Lego off the top of my head than I do about British Kings and Queens.

Facts about Lego

  • It was first produced in about 1947 as a car which could be taken to pieces and rebuilt
  • Lego originates from Denmark, its inventor originally producing furniture and then wooden toys
  • The actual idea of building bricks was an English invention by a company called KiddieKraft who produced hollow bricks with 4 studs on the top to allow stacking.
  • The Danish founder of the Lego group ran a competition within his staff to name the company with the winner receiving a bottle of homemade wine!
  • The word Lego can be translated as 'I put together' in Latin although this was not known at the time of choosing it
  • Sales for plastic toys were initially poor until in the 1950s Lego introduced the idea of a town plan using the Lego bricks
  • The first instruction manual was included with Lego in 1964
  • The first Legoland park was opened in 1968 - we have been to the Windsor resort a number of times and would love to take the boys to this one in Denmark, Billund - the original, I have been told there is no comparison and it is fantastic!
  • By 1970 the business had taken off.
  • 1978 saw the introduction of my Little Man's favourite bits the Lego minifigures
  • By 1979 specific sets were being created
The rest is history as they say


J.L. Campbell said...

Pretty cool that the meaning of the word coincides with the concept. Didn't know this stuff about Lego.

J.L. Campbell writes Jamaican Kid

Stephanie Scott said...

The fact that there is an entire franchise of video games based on lego versions of our favorite characters proves how timeless they are!

Hope you are enjoying the A to Z Challenge! Here's mine from today: A Girl and her Diary

Dee J Kirkby said...

I came here this morning and couldn't see where to comment. Found it now, obviously. We love Lego in our house and N3S even went through a phase of playing Lego electronic games!

Shere A said...

What a coincidence!! we have been talking at work about lego. One colleague's son is also obsessed with it, so for his birthday he is getting more Lego.


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