Wednesday, 3 April 2013

A to Z blogging Challenge - C is for......

C is for Coping and Challenges!

ADHD and autism have brought with it difficult times, finding methods to cope and over come challenges.

We always knew deep down something wasn't quite right with Little Man - but that day someone actually said it, I suddenly realised I needed to learn coping mechanisms.

To hear the words that your 3 year old 'may have learning difficulties and is showing autistic traits' is devastating. I walked across that playground and didn't even bother to control the tears, I then sat for about an hour in the car crying picturing the lovely trolley collector at our local Sainsbury's who you heard people talking about and saying how well he was doing, they had heard he was living independently, had a job etc. At that point in time, in my mind, that was my son's future.

But you cope, you overcome the challenges, you seek help from places like CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), the Child Development Centre, the doctor, his consultant. You try and see all positives - mine were:

  • As a premature baby he was still under a consultant - a foot in the right door for help
  • As a premature baby who we nearly lost more than once to be on the autistic spectrum with mild learning difficulties was actually pretty good going when you consider what could have been
  • As a scientist, I at least understand, have databases of medical journals at my finger tips and lots of friends in the medical field, I was going to bang on as many doors as possible.
You cope, you have to and you amaze yourself just how you can adapt and overcome all challenges you face.

My Little Man amazes me day in and day out, and I couldn't be more proud of the beautiful, sweet natured, caring boy he is growing into.


Sue Elvis said...

Hi! Just stopped by from the A-Z community to say hello. You sound like a very special mother. My husband is a primary school teacher and has taught children with many different 'diagnoses'. These kids are all very special to him. They have a lot to cope with. Makes life seem simple for the rest of us.

TheRamblingPages said...

They are special! Thanks for stopping by x