Friday, 19 April 2013

A-Z Blogging Challenge N is for....

N is for Narked!

I may just be feeling narked due to the funeral I've been at all day but the bottom line is t'husband really narks me at time and it is becoming more and more frequent and really getting me down.

As he gets older, he gets more and more like his mum, who he hates and doesn't have any contact with due to her selfishness and attitude but I honestly keep seeing more and more of her in him and to be frank it scares me.

Tonight I am well & truly hacked off as hubby got in from work, saw the boys and made straight for his computer. I was upstairs changing to take Little Man out to a games club he likes. I had to call him up and as he walks in he starts going on about his day and a stupid client - moaning. I then say our neighbour 2 doors down has cut a tree down and offered us the wood to burn so i asked hubby to pop round to get it. Simple answer was No.

Reason - new family are Polish and spent about 5 months gutting the house & garden - all workmen were Polish friends or family helping out. Hubby couldn't stomach this and constantly bitched about how we never get that, how we have to pay full price - you get the picture. The house is also one of the few on the road that doesn't have a driveway, they have 2 cars - 1 is parked on the road outside their house and the other now goes outside our house BUT they park higher up so we can't even see it from our window. It really pisses me off that he can't be happy for other people, that he is so bitter and feels so hard done by. His attitude that they shouldn't have bought a house with no drive if they have 2 cars - what the hell! It's a public road! They are not harming anyone. We can fit at least 3 cars on our drive so anyone visiting can park behind our cars.

It really gets me down, the moaning, the bitterness, and he's getting worse :(

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