Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge P is for....

P is for Priorities

Ever since they were born, the boys have been my priority, they come before anything and everything else - I live and breathe for those 2 boys.

I am finding more and more though I am not prioritizing time with them. I need to step away from the computer and sit and watch TV with them, run round the field with them, go to the playground after school, instead I seem to spend every night rushing home to get back to the computer to work.

After the events of last week and losing my Uncle and hearing the vicar recounting all the memories his 4 son's had shared with him of their childhood with their Dad, made me realise that although I work for myself so being prompt and ahead of the game is essential when it comes to deadlines and responding to things to keep repeat business coming in, in reality there is nothing that won't wait until tomorrow or until the little fellas are in bed.

I know I am now very behind on this challenge and wouldnt be surprised if I have been stuck off the list, but I have been really run off my feet work and not wanting to spend additional time on this computer!

I want to spend more time with them, making memories x

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