Friday, 19 April 2013

A-Z Blogging Challenge M is for...

M is for memories

To be honest I had my M post planned right from the start and it was meant to be M for Medication. I thought I would blog about our really tough decision over whether to medicate our Little Man or not, our fears on the effect it could have, the what ifs and buts, however this week has been a really tough one on a personal level, hence my lack of blogging.

Very sadly my uncle died at the end of last week. He has oesophageal cancer about 9 years ago, got caught early, treated and been clear for years. He felt around February time something might not be right so visited his GP. Blood tests were fine but he decided to see his old consultant to put his mind at rest. To cut a long story short he collapsed with a blocked bowel and they had to operate and remove all his bowel, in the process discovering he had bowel cancer which had spread to the liver - silently inhabiting his other organs.

Long and short of it, he died very suddenly, unexpected as the prognosis was about 12-18 months.

Today was the funeral. I didn't take the boys.

It made me realise how important making memories is. It's now my parents generation who are getting old, getting ill and dying.

It was my Dad's younger brother. I want my boys to always have fond memories, many different memories - not just of their grandparents but of us as a family unit.

Sometimes you should sit back, smell the roses and take time out with your kids, work can wait, nothing is as important as your family x

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