Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Getting your Groove Back Tuesday

So this last week has been a bit of a funny one.

Wednesday and Thursday have gone by like they normally do.

Friday I woke up with the worst headache I have ever experienced. I do not normally do pain or illness and normally muddle through but this headache had me floored, literally - at 6.50am I was sitting on the kitchen floor crying in pain. I somehow managed to get the boys breakfast and make their lunches but kept having to disappear to the downstairs loo as every few minutes my stomach lurched. I gave up about 8am and collapsed on the bed crying. T'husband went as far as ringing my dad asking him to come down and take the kids to school. I felt like I had a clamp starting at the base of my head/neck, circling the forehead and just getting tighter and tighter. It honestly felt like my head was going to explode. I simply slept all morning and by 2pm felt slightly more human.

I managed to drag myself into town to organise party bags for Mini Man's birthday party on Saturday and buy stuff for the cake which I should of spent Friday making. I did pretty much nothing else for the day and was back in bed really early.

Saturday was wiped out as it was Mini Man's birthday party so I had to get up early to make the cake (an aeroplane) and the party was 11.30, then people were back at ours so I got no time. However I did take the dog out on Saturday night (under the cover of darkness) and managed to run 2.5 miles without stopping! This is a miracle for me, I have NEVER run that far. I am quite cross with myself as well as I slowed to a walk at the traffic lights and decided to use the downwards hill home as a warm down but think I could of pushed it further. Now there was probably an element of being pulled along by the dog but on the other hand, I like to think there was also resistance as I was constantly hauling the dog back who is not use to a lead - like my thinking there, resistance, harder work!?

Sunday was Mini Man's actual birthday and was basically a family day. Sunday night everything went very pear shaped and caused me to go to bed shocked and in tears - I will write about this later as it turns out I am a dick but enough said - I might call the post An elephant in the room.

Monday was a really pants day. I have a report to write up following the conference I was at last week in Sweden but between last Wednesday and Tues (today) I have managed to write 9 slides, and 2 pages of A4 which is disgusting. I just can not seem to focus on it. I need to have it done by the end of the week and have got to stop blogging and reading blogs and god knows what else. It didn't help that I had this elephant hanging over me which I couldn't get off my mind,

Tuesday - well today has been a little mixed. I woke feeling really crap due to my elephant in the room. I got home from the school drop off all focused on where I was going with this report from Sweden for HH company, but opened my laptop to emails from my regular work supplier with loads of questions so dealt with those and then got a text message reminding me that I had a hair appointment at 11. My first instinct was to cancel but I decided an hour off could go as my lunch and would do me good due to lack of focus.

Hair cutting - wow I have found my ultimate hairdressers. This is my third visit and I have already recommended them to 2 friends who are now hooked as well, and best of all I think you get a 20 or 25% discount for a recommendation at your next visit. They are called Contemporary and I think they are a chain. When you first arrive, they give you a 5 minute complementary head and neck massage. Then its hair wash time, which is on vibrating massage chairs with a leg lift thing. Their hair washing technique is different as well, they don;t just rub your head, it is all finger work on you scalp, and running their fingers through your hair VERY relaxing. After the hair wash, just incase you are not relaxed enough they offer you another 5 minute head and neck massage (complementary again!). Then comes the hair cut with a drink. You come out feeling great. If you re-book within 6 weeks you get 20% off, so I pay about £32 for this which I think is pretty good service. I do have problems with who cuts my hair and have had too many bad cuts when trying to do the cheaper salons so I must admit I do pay for my hair cuts (please note in total brassic times when we are skint, i don't bother with a cut, it is either all or nothing with me, it has to be a good cut). My only complaint was the mirror in front of me - all I could see looking back was a pastie faced, haggard looking witch with bags under her eyes, crows feet and saggy skin which doesn't make you feel attractive, oh and lets not forget the triple chin when I tried to look down to read the mags.

So I guess this was my me time this week. 

I spent the rest of today doing work for the other company and not for the HH company :( I should be doing it now but am blogging which is bad and i need to go to bed. I think I may get up early instead.                                                

I said Tuesday had been a mixed bag because I love my hair being cut so felt very relaxed however I was still feeling completely head screwed so again have done no work. However I spoke about my big elephant tonight with t'husband and am so relieved that I got the wrong end of the stick and things are alright now so I am back on a par, however when things happen I seem to plunge so low and it really knocks me. This is what I hate.

Things I hate about me - I am doing this as I think these are what I need to address and writing it down always helps
  • disorganised
  • waste far too much time
  • don't get enough sleep
  • don't look after myself
  • unfit
  • don't feel attractive any more
  • no confidence
  • comfort eats
These are just a few and I am determined by Christmas to have challenged each one of these and done something about it.

Thanks Kate for this link x


Lizbethcole29 said...

Yay for the good run! And you sound like you've had a busy week. The hairdresser sounds divine!

Curly Mum said...

I think you're a superwoman. I am amazed at all the stuff you've done despite feeling so ill. I think I might use your idea of listing the things that I don't like about myself and trying to tackle them one by one. Maybe once I'm feeling more confident with my current #groovingmums tasks, I shall start on that.

Also, that's good value for what you get at that hairdressers, sounds like a great way to have some 'me' time!