Thursday, 6 October 2011

Reasons to be cheerful

Well another week of reasons to be cheerful, and today I got home smiling from the school run which is my first reason to be cheerful:

  1. It is a proper autumn day - I love days like this, the sun is shining, the sky is a magnificent blue, the clouds are scurrying across it, the wind is whipping through our hair and making the kids cheek glow for going into school. It proper blows all the cobwebs away and even better I got home to see a really vivid rainbow over the house.
  2. I ran 3 miles last night - yes 3 miles! Actually to be precise I ran 3.11 miles. I am tickled pink. I have never, ever run this far without needing to stop but I did it all in one go and it even involved 2 slight inclines which usually floor me. I am aching this morning as I had to push myself to do it but tomorrow I hope to increase the distance slightly, even if only by 0.2 miles.
  3. I am feeling much better in myself for the running I am doing, it is making me think more about what I am eating, and I just feel better and more energised. I found yesterday I did a really good day's work, really focused.
  4. I have had an email from an old work colleague saying there is going to be reunion mid November which I am so excited about. We use to all work as forensic scientists and it was quite a harrowing job at times, we did a 7 day rolling week as there was enough serious crime to keep us busy, we were in DNA so we got lots of major crime coming through the door and it made us all very close as a unit, there was always laughter and a joke, and people to keep you grounded when something horrendous came in. And oh my god, writing this and thinking of the date I have just realised I can't go, oh god I am gutted. Its the same night as the surprise 40th birthday for t'husband. Oh crap. Arghh I am no longer cheerful about this now, infact I am gutted.
  5. This weekend t'husband and I are getting a night off and going to a wedding reception and I am looking forwards to it. It is an old friend of my brother's who over the years I got to know and then t'husband did, so not only will my brother and sister-in-law be there as well so will some other friends I haven't seen since we really had the kids as they are apart of the crowd my brother hangs around with and we only ever saw them when we were up visiting, so it will be a good catch up time.
Well that's it, I am not feeling quite as cheerful now knowing I am going to miss the reunion I was so looking forwards to, although there is a glimmer of hope as I have just text P, the organiser and she has said 2 others have done the same as me and are double booked so it might yet move - I am praying it will x


LakesSingleMum said...

wow that running is great - I am looking forward to getting back on my bike as its 5 miles to kids school so going to see if I can do that sometimes and leave car near school! Gutting re reunion I hate it when you get excited and then have rug pulled out :-(

FayC said...

Pity about the reunion, sounds like a very interesting job, but maybe you can arrange another one!