Monday, 3 October 2011

Mumentum start of week 1 Closer Diets

Well I am still going with this mumentum, although I think the link has fallen by the way side but it is helping to keep me focused so I will keep on writing it!

Last Thursday I joined Closer Diets - Kick start your body back into shape in 8 weeks. It cost £22.00 which I think is pretty good going. This is a summary of the blurb they give on the Closer website about the diet (please note these are my words).

This is an 8 week diet to help kick start you into a healthier lifestyle. It is meant to help you lose weight and feel better, healthier and happier. Over the 8 weeks there are meal plans, each day includes 3 meals and a snack all of which are fresh. They are meant to be full of goodness and nutrients and lower in calories to help that weight loss.

You start by entering your current weight, what you would like your goal to be and you food likes and dislikes. They then send you your meal plans and you get online support. I am looking forwards to the results!

So far the first day was a bit hit and miss for me due to me needing to go shopping so my cupboards were a bit bare so I just looked at the other meals for the week and substituted ones in that I could make with my minimal ingredients. I tried the cous cous which sounded really nice, however I think my cous cous was off as it had a distinctly musty taste (and has been in the cupboard for longer than I care think about or admit) so that meal was a it of a disaster.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday were wipe outs which was really disappointing but Friday I was ill - well I woke up and thought my head was being crushed and every time I moved my stomach lurched. After a full mornings extra sleep and strong painkillers, I began to feel better but needed food and didn't fancy much. I was good though and although i did not stick to the diet plans as my body was craving carbs, I didn't just eat crap although it was alot more calorie loaded than the diet would probably allow. Saturday and Sunday we were celebrating my Mini Man's birthday. The party was pizza hut so I stuck to a bowl of salad minus the pasta and potato salads, hubby decided to be nice and surprise me with a takeaway curry on the Saturday night (unaware of this diet), but I only ate half where I would normally have the whole portion and resisted the poppadoms. I had the other half Sunday. So I feel quite bad about not sticking to the plans, but I am back on track today and really looking forwards to weighing myself and inputting my weight on the tracker on Thursday.

On the exercise front, t'husband and I have signed up for the half marathon in Edinburgh which is a joke considering I am not a runner. We have just got a dog who needs lots of exercise so I have been trying to run with him every other day. On Saturday night I managed to run 2.5 miles without stopping. I was so chuffed. When I slowed to a walk I was debating whether I could continue a little further but I was close to home and wanted a bit of a warm down I regret stopping now as I recon I could of made 3 miles at a push.

I have NEVER run 2.5 miles in my life and I am so chuffed, I am chomping at the bit to get out tonight and see if I can push it to 3 miles. Only another 11.5 miles to go but hey its a start.

I am hoping this will have a huge impact on my weight loss as well x

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Sarah Mac said...

It will RP. Half the battle is feeling good about yourself and the running is doing that for you. That means you'll have more motivation to stick with the diet too.

Well done you for signing up to the half marathon and good luck with the run tonight! x