Thursday, 13 October 2011

Reasons to be cheerful

This week I have to say I am struggling to find my resons to be cheerful which makes me even more determined to find some! Its not because I am a right miserable Mary, I am just not sure why, nothing outstanding has happened really, its been a very run of the mill week.

  1. I have been on the Closer diet plan, and really started running and so far managed to put 4.5 lb on and lost nothing which has been really disheartening, On the plus side it has made me look at what I am doing and how I am measuring my success and scales are obviously not the answer. A friend said to me today she uses a tape measure and measures various ppoints on her body to see if there are any results (high waist, low waist, hips and fattest parts of the thighs) so I am going to do this now.
  2. I have just done a 3.8 mile run which is the furthest yet. I did have to walk around 3 miles but more as my legs were tired rather than being breathless, so my fitness is improving. My phone mucked up the other night and I thought I had managed a 4.5 mile run and was over the moon until I viewed the route and it appeared I had zig zagged my way through many backgardens and been doubling back on myself (according to the phone!).
  3. We saw some really old friends at the weekend and it was like we only saw them yesterday, when infact it was 7 years ago now, so that was lovely. We only managed a quick coffee but hopefully they are going to come over to see us soon and stay.
  4. Today, Little Man got out of bed and wondered downstairs and didnt even flnch when Dog bounded up to him and almost knocked him over and nudge him with his nose. This is the same little boy who was getting to the point of being scared to go out doors incase we saw a dog, and would then have a full on panic. Less than a month on he is not even bothered by Dog and takes strange dogs outside in his stride as well. I am so, so proud of him overcoming this fear so well.
So there you go, this is the reason I do Reasons To Be Cheerful as it makes me think about my week and I always surprise myself with what there is to be cheerful about. If you feel the same, pop over to Mummy from the Heart and join in x


Mums-the-word said...

Love number 3 and hope it leads to longer happy times. Well done to your little boy too. It is important to take part in #r2bc on the more mediocre weeks, keeps the focus positive

June Mummy said...

Wow, well done with the running! I'd love to get back into running...I'm still waiting for the SPD I suffered with during pregnancy to let up. Definitely don't get disheartened by gaining happens a lot when people start exercising, it's because as well as burning fat you're gaining muscle which is heavier than fat.

Sadie Quinton said...

Its so true about scales, sounds more like your building muscle with the running!
True friends are those that you can pick up with even if you haven't seen them for yrs which sounds like you just enjoyed x

Glenda Gee said...

When you first start "getting fit" you build up muscles. This means sometimes you put on a bit of weight but it is good weight not flubber! I would forget the scales for 6 weeks and just run and eat healthily and then I am sure you will have a brilliant suprise when you get on them.
Lovely to catch up with old firends isn't it.

bod for tea said...

I agree with Glenda, you're probably laying down muscle and that weighs more than fat. Give it some time and you'll start to see results I'm sure. Well done to the boy for getting over his fear of dogs and well done you for finding some reasons to be cheerful even though you had to struggle! :D

Michelle Twin Mum said...

I think the best thing you can do with kids is expose them to animals.

Definately use a tape measure, that makes such a difference.

Mich x

Aspieinthefamily said...

Like no. 3 - had a similar experience with some very old friends a few months ago. Really pleased to hear about Little Man and dog - fantastic progress. Are you keeping Dog?