Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Getting your groove back Tuesday

So its the time of the week to assess how well I am doing with getting my groove back by adding my post to Kate's linky over at Kate on Thin Ice.

Last week Kate set a few challenges which were as follows:
  1. Setting a morning aside to have your favourite breakfast and enjoy it. - I did this on Saturday and had a bacon buttie with t'husband, with brown sauce and it was yum.
  2. Writing a word, a sentence of paragraph about something good about yourself. - now I looked at this last week and honestly could not think of anything I liked about myself and instead went down the route of listing everything I hated about myself and set myself a challenge of by Christmas changing that, changing the things I didn't like and making them positive.  They were as follows:
    • disorganised
    • waste far too much time
    • don't get enough sleep
    • don't look after myself
    • unfit
    • don't feel attractive any more
    • no confidence
    • comfort eats
However, I have spent the week thinking about this and I do need to start liking myself, how can I expect others to if I don't like myself so have thought long and hard to come up with 5 things I like about myself, 5 strengths so here they are:
  • I am a good mum, who loves her boys more than life itself and will do anything for them
  • I love a challenge, set me one and I am all out to prove I can do it.
  • I am VERY determined - this struck me last night as I was running. Running has never been my forte, but I was set s challenge of running the Edinburgh half marathon next year, and last night I completed a 4.5 mile run which I never dreamt I could do, ever, and it is sheer determination that is making me push myself.
  • I love helping, I will do anything for my friends to help them out, or family, and often forget about me in the process.
  • I am nice, probably too nice but I always see the good in people, I never see the worst, and always try to give the benefit of the doubt.
And do you know, although it took me a full week of thinking of the above, it wasn't that hard and it has made me feel better about me.

So back to getting my groove back, what have I done this week?

Well as mentioned I have continued the running and I am enjoying it. I am slightly scared that without the dog pulling me along I won't be able to do as much but the way I see it each time I go further with the dog it is building my stamina up so it all helps. I also have been trying to go to bed earlier. I went to a wedding reception on Saturday night with t'husband and we sat and chatted and drank together, my brother and sis in law were there so had a chat and boogie with them, and it was good fun. I also set time aside to catch up on Strictly Come Dancing last night while t'husband played his game.

I am getting there, I have a long way to go, as I seriously need to start liking myself, finding my confidence and getting  myself back out there but it all takes time and is better to do it as small steps.

I am glad I didn't write this post yesterday as it would of all been doom and gloom as I had a v bad day yesterday starting with 2 naughty boys before school that had me at the end of my tether by drop off, and then following the poo incident on Sunday, within 5 minutes of being in the playground yesterday Little Man was broadcasting it everywhere and really highlighted to me his lack of social skills when some of the other boys started teasing him and one was quite nasty and Little Man didn't even realise. That really set me off on a downer, I worry so much about him, and yet he is so oblivious which I know is a good thing, however for the rest of the day I felt rubbish, comfort ate and did very little work instead mucking round and procrastinating. This is what I have got to stop. I have to stop one incident affecting my whole day.

I hope everyone else has had good weeks x


    Mums-the-word said...

    Lots of people comment on my blog but you always stand out to me so I like you loads even if you sometimes struggle to like yourself. I know that will come over all nauseatingly corny but I do mean it. Running is great, I am still at the walking stage although I did find a road the other day that was so isolated I might have a go at upping the pace towards something approaching a run this week. You see, you are inspirational too! You work wonders every day, believe in yourself and when the going gets tough, get yourself some new knickers! Thanks so much for joining in, so very lovely to have your support on this blog hop as well as generally

    Theramblingpages said...

    Thats a really lovely comment so thank you, and you did make me laugh with the get some new knickers remark as I it clean went out of my head but I bought some on saturday, 2 matching sets in the M&S sale, one very bold for me in fuschia pink, the other white. I put the pink set on, on saturday night before bed just to check bra fit etc and was pleasantly surprised by t'husband's reaction on walking into the room! I will blog about this next week (not the bedroom antics but the new underwear!)

    Lizbethcole29 said...

    Yay for the running! Do you run with music? I found that helps me get through a rough patch or a horrible hill. And little kids can be awful on the playground. It's hard to brush things like that off. I have a hard time with that too.

    Glasgow Mummy said...

    4.5 miles is great progress! I did 4.67 miles at the weekend but I had my sister there to give me the push I needed. I love a bacon buttie with brown sauce - very jealous of your yummy breakfast. I hope you have a great week.

    Lindsey Dunmire said...

    It is so funny that someone so far away can be having the exact same feelings. Sometimes it is hard to think about yourself when the kiddos are around!

    Mums-the-word said...

    Just wanted to say that I will definitely be calling on you to hold my hand at Britmums. Somehow I believe that you will be 100 per cent on my side. Lord knows why they have asked me but sort of pleased they have as may be the kick up the derriere that I need to get that groove back.

    Mummy Plum said...

    Good to hear you are still keeping up with the running. Fab news. Love the 5 plus points. (and don't forget the nice hair from last week too!) So, that makes 6 already!

    mammasaver said...

    Fab fab fab! So lovely to see your list of things that you like about you! They are great things, too. It is hard thinking of things like that, so more power to you.