Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Grooving mums another late entry

And again she comes screeching in at the last minutes at breakneck speed or maybe I am just plan late this week!  No worries I am still going to answer the questions from last week!

I am very up and down at the moment, my mood is changing constantly. It doesn't help that I am still very busy with work and don;t have a moment spare between that, the dog and the kids, oh and lets not forget t'husband.

But I am trying my best to get myself on the up. I am going to make myself a doctors appointment and see if I can get a referral to help me deal with things. I don't think antidepressants are the answer, I need to talk to someone I think but feel happier for having reached this conclusion and also admitting to myself I need to see someone.

I also literally blitzed the house on Sunday after a good few hours sledging with the boys and I feel so much better for once again having a house that looks nice and clean and tidy. I got half of upstairs done but I am on a role now and intend to blitz the rest of upstairs this weekend.

So to the questions for last week:

1. Body – Sign up to do a Sports Relief Mile.  Check out http://www.sportrelief.com/the-mile

I might do this but I am currently meant to be training for a half marathon so I am not sure, mind you if I did the sports relief mile then it would give me an idea of how fast I could run a mile!

2. Mind – Do you have a favourite artist?  Would you like to know more about art?  How can you incorporate more art in your life?  Blog about it and tell us more.
II don't have a favourite artist as such, I use to like Salvador Dali when at school but that might of been more of a following the trend thing than anything else! However I recently went to Rome which I STILL need to blog about and was pretty impressed by the Vatican and the Sistine chapel, the art in there was something else, it is not just pictures, it is whole roofs, and walls everywhere. It is amazing and of course there is Michelangelo's and Raphael etc. If I wasn't at a meeting and had the photos on me I would post some here and might well add some at a later stage.

3. Spirit – Have you ever meditated or found other ways to calm the soul?  Is this something you might like to investigate further?  Tell us about it and then we can all learn new methods that might work for us.
I use to do yoga many years ago and found it very relaxing and often use the relaxation techniques as I get into bed at night, is very relaxing and very good for you

4. Blogging – You are a woman and you will have women in your world, alive or dead, who matter to you.  Why not write 90 words (or more or less) about her and link up to this charity blog hop for Breakthrough Breast Cancer? Click here to take part or to read stories of some rather wonderful women http://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/i-am-looking-for-90-bloggers-to-support-breakthrough-breast-cancer/
I did this which you can read about here is interested although I did not follow the same idea as everyone else!
5. Special Days – It is National Storytelling Week and you can find out more here http://sfs.org.uk/nswevents2012  Why not ring the changes and write up a short story on your blog?
Not sure I could write a short story I seem to lack in the imagination front and I feel my writing is very waffly and stodgy as it is! I wouldn't want to bore people!!
6. The Big Question – Who are you?  Take this as you will.  Blog about who you are or perhaps write an “About Me” page for your blog.  Is it easy or challenging to say who you are?  What can you learn from that?
I might have to write this another time, it is a question I have been pondering all week and I keep changing my mind depending on what kind of day I am having. I am at a meeting right now (it is 11pm so I am not doing this in the middle of the meeting by the way), and I am not 100% sure how it went. I was later getting here than intended but only becos my phone kept ringing and I kept having to pull over to check the attendees flight times transfer details and chase drivers to find out where they were but the MD made it her before me and didn't seem too impressed it was 9.10 when I arrived (the meeting didn't start until 1pm so I wasn't exactly late). She then told me she had the wrong slides and I hadn't put the updated ones on the server - I had but felt the need to prove it to her especially when she said they weren't there last night - she then admitted to looking in the wrong place. She has been abit

So that's it for me!

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