Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lego Starwars cake

Little Man's latest obsession is LEGO, specifically LEGO Starwars, he is desperately saving all his money to get the next thing which at £2.50 pocket money a week will take him ages, so we have relented slightly and now on his reward system he can choose a money instead of a treat so he can build his funds a little faster.

At the weekend we had his birthday party and he asked me for a LEGO cake - I did a little google on these and decided an R2D2 would be within my expertise and got myself all geared up for it.  As i began to bake Little Man appeared with this
And asked me to make a Star Trooper cake - I was a little taken aback as I had R2D2 set in my head but never one to let my little man down, I took on the task!

And so the sculpting, cutting and icing began, I started off with a few square and round cakes and started to cut them out to form the basic shape. The initial bit looks like  duck but bear with me!
I then did a bit of building and building it up to get the basic shape.

I was left with a hell of a lot of spare cake, which is the down side of making a cake like this as you can see below and none of us like trifle so I am afraid this went to waste which I don't like, so if anyone has a good idea of what to do with spare things which doesn;t involve cold, slimy custard then please say!
And finally after a couple of hours of work I got the below which I have to say I was very happy with and my Little Man was over joyed with which made it worthwhile doing.  We had his party at Pizza Hut and did a make your own pizza party, which they all loved, they are a fab idea, but I have to confess to growing about 10 inches and feeling incredibly proud when the waiter took the cake behind the counter and I heard him calling the other waiters and saying 'come over here and look at this cake, its awsome'.


Claire - Mummy Plum said...

Yes, it is awesome, and so are you! Fantastic Cake! Your boy is a lucky lad. x

BNM said...

fab cake as always! I've heard you can make cake pops (those cake things on sticks) with left over cake - maybe good idea for next party for goody bags..

Missing Sleep said...

Wow it looks amazing, how talented of you! x