Monday, 27 February 2012

iPod nano, iPod touch, iPod shuffle, iPod classic, iPhone - argggghhhh

OK folks I need some help. As I have mentioned I am 'meant' to be running a half marathon in April and I really, really want to do it, although my training is well behind schedule which is not good news.

In the past I use to run with my iPod touch and I loved it. I didn't have a smart phone at the time so my iPod touch was a substitute as it did everything but the phone bit -t'hubby broke it though so I am now without my music to run.

I currently have a HTC Desire phone which I hate with a passion, it is the biggest pile of poo I have ever owned. I charge it nightly and it is dead by 2pm the next day and I hardly use it a few phone calls and checking my facebook mainly.Vodafone have been great, they have replaced the battery, had it back looked at it, told me they had found fault and done stuff but to no avail, they have sent free stuff, put things on my account to apologise but it is still rubbish. I am due for an upgrade in April and am literally counting my days down. But that brings me to my dilemma

Do I get an iPhone and will it double as an iPod for me, is it capable of letting me play music on it and if so how much? I am interested in hearing about other people's experiences as I do not want the same to happen for the next 2 years and be lumber with a phone I hate.  Its the music bit though that I am unsure about.

I really want something I can listen to my music on and run with but am riled to go and buy an iPod of any description if my new phone can do the job,

On the other side of the coin if I get a music device do I get an iPod nano, iPod classic or iPod shuffle which one best. It is a mine field, I read reviews and am still not sure - can anyone help with their advice please!


Lizbethcole29 said...

OK, here's my two cents. I had an I-pod, the thin skinny one and loved it. Then we upgraded to I-phones and I like that too. The phone has the added bonus that I have an app that tracks my distance, mileage, rate and location all in one. But it's bigger than my old I-pod. I tried the Nano and it was just too small. I'm not sure as to what you should do as I don't know how much they all cost and what would be better but I hope that helps!!!

bod for tea said...

I've got a new iPod Nano (upgraded for free by Apple as my last one was apparently about to explode) which I LOVE for running because it's uber small and it has a running programme on it which lets me programme by time or distance and then tells me how I'm doing. Then for the phone I've got a Samsung Galaxy S and it does everything I need it to do except put the coffee on in the morning. Hope that helps! x

Alison said...

I have an iphone 4S 16gb and I LOVE IT! I've had ipods in the past but my iphone is the business! If you loved your ipod touch, you will love the phone. My one mistake in upgrading from the 3GS to the 4S was only getting the 16gb and not the 32gb. My iphone currently holds 1000 songs and this isnt enough for me unfortunately.
As for running? Well I use mine in the gym and for walking. You can get some cool armband style holders and there are some brilliant apps for running/walking.
Good luck. I hope you get something good that you like. x

Theramblingpages said...

Thanks for the comments, I appreciate it. Alison you have made me feel better about using my phone as a music device as well, but how is the battery life, that is my only thing I am unsure about now. if I tried to use my current HTC desire on a fully charged battery it would be dead after 20 minutes I bet if not sooner!