Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The simple things in life...

Yet another quick post from me, but hopefully work will calm down a little from tomorrow afternoon and I will have a little extra time, not alot in the words of a certain magician but some.

Today as we all know is Valentine's day, loved by some, hated by others and non- descript for many! We fall into the 3rd category. T'husband has always claimed that he doesn't need a calendar date to tell me he loves me and thinks it is over commercialised. We normally just do a card, some times we go for a meal, and on a few occasions I have been surprised by a bunch of roses to work. But we never make a big thing of it, and I never expect anything.

This morning we did our usual exchange of cards, I gave him a little jokey gift of heart shaped short breads and a large bar of dairy milk. He gave me a bottle of my favourite red wine and a candle with the words 'I know you can't breathe for work at the moment but this is so you can take 30 minutes out tonight once the kids are in bed and I'll run you a hot bath and you can have a soak with a glass of wine and the candle on'.

Now that is what I call thinking outside the box, doing something entirely for me, something he knows I will appreciate. Simple, inexpensive, uncommercialised but exactly right.