Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Its a conspiracy!

I honestly think there was / is a conspiracy against me getting sleep!

9.45 pm - I was exhausted yesterday, and decided about 9.45 an early night was in order, so I began shutting down the PC, as I was doing so 2 emails popped in from work, one which I felt was better to deal with there and then and set to send at 8.30 so it was dealt with first thing (if I wait until the morning it won;t be done until after the school run).

10.00 pm - I then toddled downstairs to make the last drink of the night and decided to sit and drink it with t'hubby who had come home in a foul mood and very stressed about work. We had a chat and went through his day and what had gone wrong, by which time it was 10.55.

10.55 pm - I said my good nights still relishing that I would get 8 hours sleep as I was not getting up early to do work and could get out of bed at 7.15 (8 hours is rare for me). I had literally put my foot on the bottom step when t'hubby jumped up in a blind panic and started ranting about forgetting he needed to know about ghant charts and time lines for a big meeting the next day and begging me to go through them with me as I use them - arggghhhh. I did so but this took us until 11.50. So my early night was not so early, however I hung grimly onto the fact I was getting a sleep in (for me anyhow!).

11.50pm - eventually get to bed.

6.10am this morning Mini man appears and climbs into bed.

6.20 am t'hubby gets up to go to the loo

6.25am Little Man appears and climbs into bed too, apart from there is little room so stretches across my feet.

6.35 am - all of us are clearly awake and t'hubby announces he needs to be up at 6.45 sand could I kick him out of bed, at which point I gave up and got up!

Tonight, I am not so tired but decided I would attempt another early night.

7.00 pm I go into the kitchen to clear up and notice a tiny white box sitting on top of my iPod dock, on closer inspection it appears someone has delivered a brand, spanking new iPod nano to me!!  I am a very happy girl at the mo. t'hubby has got me one.

So here I am at 10.45 desperately trying to download some music onto it - so bang goes another early night but for exciting reasons this time!

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grumpinator said...

Well you will be able to use the iPod for your running now! Hope you got a decent lie in!