Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Say it like it is son!

Little man is doing lessons for his first communion. He has been given a book and he has to fill it in weekly and do things for an hour while at his lesson with about 30 other children.

This week they were learning about forgiveness, saying sorry and doing kind things. On one page of his book he was asked to draw a picture of him doing something kind. Now Little Man struggles with imagining some things and he struggled with this so someone decided to tell him to do something like him 'getting a drink for someone else'

Little Man draws this:

 I am mortified. Explanation: Me getting mummy a drink at the bar!

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Woodland Watcher said...

Oh my life that is brilliant! We were staying over at my brother-in-law's house a few months ago and when asked what he wanted for breakfast, my 3 year-old said 'champagne'...
(And no, we do not drink champers for breakfast in this household!)