Thursday, 2 February 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful

I am writing a very quick, sneaky post (I have banned myself from blogger at the moment as I have too much work on) to link up with Michelle over at Mummy from the Heart for reasons to be Cheerful.

Anyone who has read my recent posts would know I have been far from cheerful in the last week or so and felt things were getting on top of me. I decided for the first of the months, I needed to get on top of it and start out with a fresh foot and so far so good. All the problems are still there but I plan to tackle one at a time and I feel slightly more on top of work today. In the past I have found R2BC always makes you think of the positives which is something I am trying to do daily so here are my reasons this week.

  1. My Little Man is astounding us. The second week of January he came home very proud of himself as he had moved up a reading level. reading has proved very difficult for him with him being on the same level for the whole of year 2, then in September he eventually moved up so to go to another level in January was a huge step. Well, the clever little sausage has only managed it again. In less than a month they have decided he can move to yet the next level! 3 levels since the start of year 3 - I am bursting at the seams with pride. It seems the reading switch has been flicked and he has taken off as we always knew he would.
  2. I have won a prize on Michelle's giveaway and it is just perfect - a voucher for a half day spa treatment and I can't wait. I need to take some time out and relax and I couldn't think of a more prefect way - I am very excited about this.
  3. I have received some really lovely support over the past week or so from fellow bloggers, words of encouragement, lots of comments to make me feel less lonely and miserable and it means a hell of a lot, so thank you x
  4. Last week I had a meeting out in Rome but got a morning to go off and sightsee, I have always wanted to go to Rome and I was not disappointed. I managed a whirlwind tour of the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel (wow), St Peter's Basilica, lots of ruins, the Spanish Steps and the Coliseum although I wasn't allowed in the Coliseum as I had my trolley dolly suitcase with me and there was nowhere to leave it so I was a little disappointed but it was amazing. I will do a post on it soon.
  5. I had an email last week from a very old friend who I have not heard from for a couple of years, and this year when sending her her Christmas card wondered if it was worth bothering as I had had no response for 3 years or so. It is so nice hearing her news although some of it was tinged with sadness but it is good to be back in touch.
  6. Next week I am down South and have the opportunity to catch up with another good friend which I am really looking forwards to
  7. Not sure this is a reason but I have almost come to the decision that I may need to say No to a few things and hand over the reins - i simply am not superwoman and have to be realistic. I hate to give up on things but there is no point in doing a half job.
As I need to get on with work I think that is plenty of things to feel cheerful about! Pop over the Mummyfromtheheart to take part or read everyone elses entries.


Herding Cats said...

Well done Little Man! They always find ways of surprising us.

Woodland watcher said...

Rome sounds amazing. It's one of the few places neither my husband nor I have been to before and I'd love to visit it.

And one of my first posts (newbie here) was about how busy people tend to get asked to do things because others know that a busy person will get them done. There's always a time to say no though...

Sarah Mac said...

Glad things are feeling a little more under control (and WELL DONE little man!!:).

Rome sounds amazing - Im very envious.

Oh, and I DID notice you sneak on yesterday luchtime ;) xx

celebratingmums said...

Good to read this and loving, loving, loving numero seven. From the cyberfriend that is yours Kate On Thin Ice

Glenda Gee said...

I knew that going to Rome would cheer you and it sounds as if you had a lovely time. Sooooooo glad you have realized you are not and never can be super woman. None of us can but it really takes the pressure off when you realize it and learn to say "No " to people. As for your little boy , it sounds as though reading has suddenly clicked for him. I hope he will enjoy reading from now on and go from strength to strength.

Michelle Twin Mum said...

Fab reasons, so pleased to read that you will be saying no when you need to. Take care. Mich x

Katetakes5 said...

Apologies for the comment on here but we're trying to get your Skylanders prize out to you and PR has had no response to emails!! Could you check or email me at Thanks!
And well done to Little Man and his reading - I think he needs that prize :)