Tuesday, 3 April 2012

National Pet Month

So Kate on Thin ice is asking us all to celebrate out pets for National Pet Month. Its not my normal cup of tea to celebrate things like this but hey I am out to increase my fun levels at the moment and on a mission to try new things (see here for new ways of reconnecting with t'hubby and trying new things together) so why not, after all it is only a bit of fun.

So here is our Pet - I won't name him as he has an unusual name (nothing rude I hasten to add and its not Steve or Dave if you were wondering although Little Man was adamant he should be called Steve).

Dog as well as having his proper name is also known affectionately in the house as DoggyDoooo.

He is mad, he is hyperactive, he gets over excited, he has boundless energy and I mean boundless, after a 5 mile run with me he is still pulling to get into the field at the back of us and he will eat anything in sight other than mushrooms including leaves, grass and sticks.

He fits in very well with this family!

We also until recently had 2 guinea pigs who were named Batman (the furry, fat one) and Robin (the smooth haired, skinnier one) but sadly they never quite recovered from being put in a cat basket and transported 200 miles up the motorway and we lost them within the space of 3 weeks of each other quite recently.

Pop over to Kate on thin ice to take part and share a photo of your pet x

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Kateonthinice said...

Lovely to see the dog at last and what a character he looks. Thanks for linking up. As you say, just a bit of fun this time