Monday, 2 April 2012

Alphabet dating linky??

Once again I have been absent from my blog - it happens too often at the moment. Part of the reason is being too busy, part of the reason is not being in the best of places right now personally which makes you want to do very little. This in itself has an impact on relationships and I have recently given myself a bloody good slap and decided I need to sort myself out (I appreciate regular readers may well be thinking she's done that before but this time it was more of a beating than slap and seemed to mean more).

So that brings me to alphabet dating. I read about this on a blog I follow and I am ashamed to say I can't remember whose so I apologise. It is something t'husband and I are embarking on as of this week. Ideally it would be nice to do a weekly date night but realistically we would struggle to get babysitters so regularly plus there is also the financial side, so it may be a fortnightly update.

I am also contemplating running it as a linky if anyone else wants to join in plus I need ideas! I guess it doesn't even need to be a leave the house date, it could also involve simply putting time aside for you and your other half to do something other than the ironing/vegging watching TV - one night not so long since t'hubby and I put on the kids PS3 car acing game, cracked open a bottle of wine and challenged each other to races on the PlayStation and had a great time, not something we often do, or perhaps a nice meal together, a bath together - anything really.

As I suggested it t'hubby has left me to pick the first date - so 'A' is for me to pick. We have decided we would like to use this as an opportunity to try/do things we wouldn't normally do and as a chance to have a giggle. For example 'Z' when we reach it will probably be a Zumba class which will be hilarious as I have no coordination & t'husband had 2 left feet and hates anything to do with music.

So 'A' - what can we do?


Aerobics class - would be very funny due to my coordination, most people attending are female and t'husband's avoidance of exercise for longer than I remember but I can't find a Tuesday night class

Aqua - something to do with water, so we could go swimming but could be a bit boring in the public baths or find a river to go skinny dipping in although it's too cold for that!

Aeroplanes - go to a nearby airport to the viewing bit and park up. We don't live too far from an airport so this could be done and maybe combined it with something more fun!

Restaurant beginning with 'A' - to me this is an easy option. There is a fab Indian in my town called Ali Raj which we both love but seeing as though we get regular takeaways from there and have the occasional meal there it is not something different.

'A' - any other ideas - please let me know!!

Please also let me know if you would be interested in joining in as I will set it up as a linky

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BNM said...

Ann Summers - um not sure if you'd want a date to there or maybe you can each buy each other something from there!

Animals - no I haven't thought anything through - go to the zoo/park together (sans kids)