Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A-Z of Blogging - B is for Baking

So today is all about the letter 'B'.

B is for baking. I love baking and often bake with the kids making all sorts - biscuits, cakes, cupcakes, rice crispie cakes. Both boys love baking and more so the eating of the end product!

I think baking offers a great opportunity to have fun with your kids and teaches them all kinds of new skills with the weighing involved, the mixing and the aiming the cake mixture into the cases. School bake with the kids weekly as well, the PTFA having provided a baking kitchen for their use.

As you all probably know it was Sport Relief on the 23rd and like all school's ours got involved. The kids from 3-1 years old all did the Sport relief mile which involved running round the school, and the field, loads of parents helped out and it was generally a fun day with lots of sporting activities laid out.

The PTA then organised an after school event with a cake stall, teas and coffees, Easter Egg hunt, name the cuddly rabbit and a 'B'ake off for the juniors.

The entries were fantastic for this baking competition. Some were very creative, some had obviously had a lot of love and time put into them by both children and parents and were amazing, others were obviously the child's own work. Each within their own right though were fantastic. It was free to enter but after the judging the cakes were for sale to raise money.

The baking competition was judged by a local cupcake company, the school cook and a Grannie who volunteers at the school to bake with the kids on a weekly basis.

They decided that they would award the prizes to cakes which were obviously done by the children with no help. Amazingly despite the stupid mother dropping the prize winning cake as they got out of the car the morning of the competition and wearing a good proportion of the chocolate butter cream down her right thigh for the rest of the day (a hasty repair job with fingers was required), that cake won - yes the winning 'b'aker was my Little Man (and yes I was the stupid mother).

Little Man was over the moon. He rarely wins anything as the aspergers makes it difficult to take part in many team events or understand the basic rules of a game. His little face lit up and he has checked every paper he sees looking for the photo they said would be in the local paper - it was a week later.

I was so proud! I love my cake decorating as some may of seen with the creations I show off on here so for Little Man to have his skills recognised meant alot. What meant more though was the huge confidence boost it gave Little Man, having beaten some truly amazing cakes and winning on his own merit.

Proud mummy moment!

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Nancy Scuri said...

Three cheers for the Little Man! Wonderful stuff. Thank you for sharing. :)