Monday, 30 April 2012

A-Z Challenge Z is for.....


I have to admit that is how I feel 'zapped' of all brain power.

I have never done so much blogging!

I have struggled with finding the time to blog daily and to find something to blog about.

Have I enjoyed it though - yes despite not really having the time. I have enjoyed the way this challenge has taken to new and interesting blogs, I have enjoyed the increased traffic to my blog and the new followers. I have enjoyed being made to think outside my normal blog and to find new and other things to blog about.

it has left me feeling pretty zapped though which is not good seeing as though I am sinking in work as well and have been for a while.

so on the note, I am zooming out of the A-Z Challenge to get on with it!


Jazzygal said...

I can understand your decision! Well done for persevering for as long as you did, I don't think I'd have lasted!

xx Jazzy

Rebecca Bradley said...

I'm a bit late following from the challenge, but I'm here and I look forward to keeping up with you throughout the year:)

Anonymous said...

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