Sunday, 15 April 2012

A-Z Challenge M is for............


This will be a very quick post and quite possibly my last one as I am on a train in Edinburgh on my way to Holyrood Park where the Rock and Roll Hlaf Marathon is due to start. I am incredibly unprepared having not been well for the last month or so, so running has been none existent. I am really disappointed as I worked so hard initially. I am also going to kill the stupid person who advised me 1. Edinburgh course is flat - is it hell it's like a flipping mountain and 2. It would be a good place to do my first one.

So folks I am attempting it, I an under no illusions I will walk more than run - it apparently goes up past Arthur's seat which is a mega hill but my aim this time is to complete it! Even if I have to crawl.

Wish my luck, and hope I live to tell you about it, oh and it's not looking good right now as when I'm nervous I end up with the squits and right now I am in the train station toilets :-)


Sarah Mac said...

I'm rooting for you RP.

Wow - what a challenge!!

You are there, you are taking part, you are bloody awesome!

Best of luck and I look forward to hearing all about it soon xx

Damyanti said...

All the best.