Monday, 2 April 2012

A-Z of blogging - A is for Alphabet dating

I have decided to take part in the A-Z of blogging to try and encourage me to blog more regularly - I keep having big gaps due to feeling a bit overwhelmed by life at the moment so this may help!

The idea behind the A-Z of blogging is to basically write a blog post a day by working my way through the alphabet. The 1st April should be the letter A, today will be a post about something 'B'. As I only came across this idea today I am already a day behind, but as Sunday's are a day of rest I can blog on Sunday to make up for already being a day behind (not the best of starts!) or do 2 posts today - I think I will blog on Sunday!

So the Letter A - mine is going to be A for Alphabet dating

I am going to copy and paste my post from earlier today in here as this is a similar challenge to the Alphabet dating I have decided to do with t'hubby as we have been neglecting having fun together of late. This involves having a regular 'date' night and doing something following the alphabet.

It would be nice to do a weekly date night but realistically we would struggle to get babysitters so regularly plus there is also the financial side, so it may be a fortnightly update.

I am also contemplating running it as a linky if anyone else wants to join in plus I need ideas! I guess it doesn't even need to be a leave the house date, it could also involve simply putting time aside for you and your other half to do something other than the ironing/vegging watching TV - one night not so long since t'hubby and I put on the kids PS3 car racing game, cracked open a bottle of wine and challenged each other to races on the PlayStation and had a great time, not something we often do, or perhaps a nice meal together, a bath together - anything really.

As I suggested it t'hubby has left me to pick the first date - so 'A' is for me to pick. We have decided we would like to use this as an opportunity to try/do things we wouldn't normally do and as a chance to have a giggle. For example 'Z' when we reach it will probably be a Zumba class which will be hilarious as I have no coordination & t'husband had 2 left feet and hates anything to do with music.

So 'A' - what can we do?


Aerobics class - would be very funny due to my coordination, most people attending are female and t'husband's avoidance of exercise for longer than I remember but I can't find a Tuesday night class

Aqua - something to do with water, so we could go swimming but could be a bit boring in the public baths or find a river to go skinny dipping in although it's too cold for that!

Aeroplanes - go to a nearby airport to the viewing bit and park up. We don't live too far from an airport so this could be done and maybe combined it with something more fun!

Restaurant beginning with 'A' - to me this is an easy option. There is a fab Indian in my town called Ali Raj which we both love but seeing as though we get regular takeaways from there and have the occasional meal there it is not something different.

'A' - any other ideas - please let me know!!

Please also let me know if you would be interested in joining in as I will set it up as a linky


Luna said...

What a creative way to spend time together. Well done and I wish you both well. I'm looking forward to your 'at least fortnightly' updates.

Tracy Brown said...

Good for you! It's so important to make special nights (or dates) a priority with our loved ones. :)

Let's see... A. How about, A = Air Balloon (as in, hot air balloon?)

Okay, I admit it. I didn't come up with it by myself. My Significant Other is home on vacation today. He's the brainchild. LOL!

Theramblingpages said...

Now that is one date I would love to go on! problem would be money and the fact we have a babysitter tomorrow night so no time to organise it. I have an idea of what we can do actually, it will probably be viewed as a bit of a wierd date but I think oddly we may enjoy it. I won't divulge now as it will be a blog post!

Theramblingpages said...

Thank you, I think after 17 years we have found we need a bit of a spark and even getting a babysitter and going for a drink does little as it is the same old pub at the end of the road, and we see people we know so end up in a group or t'hubby with his best mate (the fruit machine) or in town where we can;t hear each other, so the idea is to do soemthjig different to give us something to talk about other than work, kids and house, and to make us think outside the box!

Linda King68 said...

Enjoy your date!

Thatgirlmitch said...

Such a cool idea, and definitely gets you thinking of some more creative date night ideas. What about an "adventure" date? You could do something a little daring, or go exploring in your city and find a new hot spot. Good luck, and can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Rosie Blankenship said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I thought I'd return the favor. I have a suggestion, too: have an "Answer" date if you need something free! Just look up a list of questions online and snuggle up for a bedroom evening (wine optional) and ask each other questions! (Get it ... you each have to 'a'nswer.) Sometimes, my boyfriend and I start asking each other random questions (one asks, you both have to answer) and it's a hoot! It takes a while to get warmed up - you get through all of the "what's your favorite color" stuff. But when you get to things like, "who is your favorite relative not in this house and why?" or "if you could commit a crime and get away with it, what would the crime be?" that's when things get crazy! We always end up learning something about each other.

I find date night - as long as it is planned - doesn't have to even be outside of the house. It's really about spending time together, phones and TV off, and reconnecting. Mostly, that boils down to a combination of talking and cuddling ... and whatever else you can think of. ;)